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Steve Nieve

New episode out 31st May

Steve Nieve is an English musician and composer. In a career spanning more than 40 years, Nieve has been a member of Elvis Costello’s backing bands, The Attractions The Imposters and also Madness. He has also experienced success as a prolific session musician featured on a wide array of other artists' recordings.

In 2003, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame as a member of Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

Nieve has released several solo albums. Keyboard Jungle (1983) was his first, a combination of classical and ersatz film scores delivered from his beloved Steinway piano. His second album, Playboy (1987), consisted of solo acoustic piano renditions of rock songs. His other solo albums It's Raining Somewhere (1996), Mumu (2001) and Windows(2004) all confirmed his status as an artist in his own right. His classical opera," Welcome To The Voice",was a collaboration with his partner, Muriel Teodori and was released in May 2007. It was interpreted by Sting, Robert Wyatt, Elvis Costello, Amanda Roocroft, Nathalie Manfrino and Barbera Bonney.. Nieve also composed the score to Téodori's film Sans Plomb.

In this episode Steve talks of time on the road and the creative process true love and theories of sleep.

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