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Leo Abrahams

New episode! Out tonight

Leo Abrahams is an English musician, composer and producer.

He attended The Royal Academy of Music before starting his music as the lead guitarist with Imogen Heap. He has collaborated with Brian Eno, Katie Melua, Ed Harcourt, Jarvis Cocker, Chris Difford, Carl Barat, Regina Spektor, John Hopkins and Paul Simon to name a few.

He has released five studio albums which are ambient soundscapes with complex arrangements. He has co-written and arranged film soundtracks including Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones and Steve McQueen's Hunger. To be honest, I could name another hundred artists and projects but lets just say he can play piano, guitar, guitarette, bass, hurdy gurdy, omnichord and something called the guitorgan?

In this episode, Leo is happy to be tired and frustrated in order to have something to talk about. Stories include his younger self sleeping on a 45 degree angle ramp outside a flat he couldn't get into, and his big affection for hotel beds.

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