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Kathryn Joseph

New Episode! Out March 15th

Kathryn Joseph is a Scottish singer, songwriter and musician. Her debut album “Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I Have Spilt” won the 2015 SAY (Scottish Album of the Year) award. Her second album “From When I Wake The Want Is” was also shortlisted. Her third album “ For You Who Are Wronged” is out this year.

Kathryn's version of “Land O The Liel” and “Scots Wah Hey” were included in the film “ Outlaw King”.

She has collaborated with Cora Bissett on a stage version of Emma Donaghue’s book “Room”, and also with The Twilight Sad’s James Graham on a project that ended as an album called “Conflats”.

Her live performances are electric and powerful with joy sorrow and heart pouring off the stage.

In this episode we learn that Kathryn can sleep very easily, does not want a wooden nose protector to stop her dog biting it off and knows who ate the big block of cheese!

Find Kathryn Joseph here

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